What & Who is FDC?

Solutions for Good Business

Business is good. But could it be better? We all know that when things are going well is when we have the time and resources to make a push to the next level, but have you been here so long that it’s hard to imagine anything else?

Don’t worry – it’s not hard to change.

FDC is a Web Design and Business Solutions Company. My job is running the web side of your business to allow you to work on what really matters – taking it to the next level. I listen to you. I look at your business and market. I clarify what you do and showcase it to others. I make it easy for you to to do the best work. But more than this – I help you help your clients. I help you add value to their lives. I keep you connected with them. And I make it easy for you the whole way.

How Does It Work?

If you like what you see, go the the Web Design & Business Solutions Page, which you can also find by clicking the DESIGN button above. There is a form we ask clients to fill out. We ask for more information than a lot of Web Design companies. This is so we can look into your business and really create something of value.

If you are looking to send out emails to 20 companies, and go with the lowest bidder, you are in the wrong place.

This doesn’t mean we charge the Earth. What it means is we want to do a great job, and we want to work with clients who not only expect the best, but who are prepared to put in the time on their side to get it.


My name is Jade Barham. I grew up in NZ and have a degree in Botany & Ecology. I have worked in an office, as a Teacher, as an Outdoor Guide in Japan, as a Web Manager for a large company and more. I have run a successful business alongside – with no website, no marketing, and no aggressive sales.

You know what? I’m not actually in the business of Web Design, Email Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Copy Writing – any of that. My real business is helping people and solving problems. And I will help your business do the same – with systems and a solution that will free your time. No more worrying about whether the website is current, or if it’s ranking in Google. No more thinking about who will create content. No more wondering how to get information out to your clients.

Though I am established and experienced now, I began Freedom Design Collective as a Freelancer – with no formal web qualifications, no real experience, and no connections. What I have is listening skills. I ask the right questions. I have a knack for solving problems quickly and easily, and an ability to make things simple for my clients and their customers.

I live between NZ and Japan with my wife and 2 children. I love what I do. And I am happiest when I’m helping people out.

Recently I began a new chapter in the development of FDC – a course for web professionals looking to take their business to the next level.

Teaching has always been something I love, and who knows – this side of the business might take over altogether in the future. Whether you’re here because you’re looking for a Web & Business Design company that understands your needs, or because you want to learn how to make business happen for yourself – welcome.

Jade Barham

Jade Barham – FDC

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