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As you can see on the Solopreneur & Small Business Solutions page, FDC’s primary business is designing websites and solutions that help businesses free their time and focus on what matters. I started out my Freelance career with nothing but some basic HTML skills and a desire to create a side income. When I decided to go down the Freelance path, I found a lot of negativity out there.

“You won’t get any clients.”

More experienced people will get the jobs.”

“The market’s saturated.”

I always ignored advice from people who hadn’t done it, and copied those who had. So I ignored the negativity, and I never looked back. Once I started finding work, the doomsayers found a whole new set of issues.

“There’s no money in it.”

“You won’t make more than $15/hour.”

“You’ll be undersold on every project.”

I ignored that, and started to scale up, charging $30/hour and finding great clients who paid well. Then the next layer.

“You aren’t formally qualified.”

“What’s your background?”

…do you get the drift?

I overcame that as well. I knew I was providing a quality service that added value to my clients, and I worked to add as much value as possible for them, and in turn for their customers. This is still a side business for me, but it is reaching a point where it can provide comfortably for myself and my family.

There will always be fears in your head. And there will always be people who somehow voice the exact fears you have. But never forget the following truths:

You have value to add to the world.

There are people out there who are looking – everyday – for someone with your skills.

You can use those skills to create value for people, and make good money at the same time.

The only thing stopping you is yourself. And it’s easy to get going – all you have to do is hold the vision of yourself as a successful Freelancer in your mind, and take the first step. Sign up below and start your journey. I’ll send you an email every few days linking to a post with ideas, examples, and action steps. I respect your privacy, and the course is free – you have nothing to lose.

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Sorry, I have been overwhelmed by the reception to this course, and need to focus on the current group. I'll set up a mailing list for people and create a waiting list in the next week or so!


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